Kent Welding Gun
1249 Plessis Road
Winnipeg, MB R2C 3L9
Ph: (204) 667-7555
Fax: (204) 667-0060
Toll - Free 1-800-427-0430

About Company

Kent Welding Gun began manufacturing MIG welding guns in 1967. From the company's modest beginnings, our goal has been to manufacture a durable and affordable MIG welding gun.

As Kent Welding Gun has grown throughout the years, so have our goals. Professional welders demand a welding gun that is comfortable as well as versatile. After 30 plus years of manufacturing Kent Welding Guns, we continue to achieve and exceed our goals through innovation and technology.

At Kent Welding Gun, we continue to excel at providing customer service. When that unique welding application develops, KENT is here to help. We have the design and manufacturing team to produce that specialized component, or a complete custom welding gun that will meet your specific requirements.

Your company deserves a welding gun that is durable and affordable, and your welding professionals will appreciate the comfort and versatility that Kent Welding Guns provide.